Part of BEEF

Short rib

This is one of the best beef parts in Uraetei. The Fat and Lean are mixed together so beef become tender and tasty

Ourside skirt

The flavor is little greasy but really soft with both resonable price and for all ages


Japanese use beef tongue for starter of their BBQ party, that will increase flavor of all later meat. The beef tongue is thin cut so don’t worry that it’s tough

How to grill

Wait until the grill grate hot enough. Then put meat onto it
The sound of the grilling meat will make you really eager. After a while, the meat surface will be boiled, meat juice is melted, but don't turn over yet. Be patient & wait jut little more, when the meat juice is drier, let's turn over.
The other side also use the same way. Shouldn't turn over meat a lot or turn over when the meat juice still not dry, because it will get bad smell, tough and not good anymore.
When both side of meat is well done, let's enjoy!

How to enjoy

“TARE” sauce

One of specifics of Uraetei is dipping sauce. This kind of sauce is not only enhances the meat flavor but also excite your sense of taste.
You can follow below steps to have a Uraetei style dipping sauce or you can create yourself:

First, get in some garlic & paprika.
Then, add in green onion & fresh chilli.
Mix well, dipping the BQQ meat and let's enjoy
The sace bolw of Uraetei always have 2 compartment for tare sauce & salt pepper. You will have 1 more choice to enjoy BBQ meat. The salt pepper is prepared at the table, you can prder the server to bring some lemon for you.

How to enjoy yakiniku 

with wrap vegetables

There's a lot of way to enjoy Yakiniku with wrap vegetable that depend on your favorite. But if you're still considering how you you do, please take a look at Uraetei way:

Get 1 lettuce, then perilla and long leek onion.
Get in 1 grilled meat.
Then, a little vegetable wrapping sauce & wrap eveything together.
Finally, dip in Uraetei special sauce & just enjoy.